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Mr. Palmer’s

6th Grade Language Arts Syllabus

BMS Room 639  | Conference: 5th Period (12:54-1:46) | 512-756-6182 |

Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year! I am very excited about all that we have in store for the year. I hope that my English Language Arts class will challenge your child while helping to pave a path for lifelong success. The following is a link to Google Classroom, This is where you will find the majority of your assignments and notes. This is also where you will submit the assignments for grading. Each student will need to enroll in their correct classes.

Course Description

The sixth grade Language Arts curriculum stems from the College Board Standards for College Success and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. SpringBoard, the College Board’s official Pre-AP program, is our foundation. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and collaborative strategies are used purposefully to build knowledge and skills and to help students become independent readers, writers, and thinkers. Below is an outline of what our year will look like.



Embedded Assessments

Unit 1 and 2

Building Foundational reading and writing processes

Short Story: “The Circuit,” by Francisco Jiménez

Personal Narrative: “My Superpowers,” by Dan Greenburg

Personal Narrative: “The Jacket,” by Gary Soto

Short Story: “Thank You, M’am,” by Langston Hughes 

Short Story: “Eleven,” from Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories by Sandra Cisneros

  • Writing a Personal Narrative 
  • Writing a Short Story

Unit 3

Analyzing and crafting informational text

News articles: informational text

  • Create a brochure or slide about an informational piece of writing

Unit 4

Analyzing and crafting argumentative text

Articles with Persuasive Writing

  • Writing an Argumentative letter

Unit 5

Analyzing texts across genres

Novel: Walk Two Moons

  • Writing an explanatory response to a novel

Unit 6

Synthesize, create, innovate

Gathering information for research

  • Research project


Students will keep a spiral for ELA, and it will stay in their backpack.. The front half will be their journal: warm-ups, notes, writing, etc. The back half will be their vocabulary notebook. The academic and personal vocabulary words are introduced, reinforced and refined throughout each unit in texts and Embedded Assessments. Students will document their progression towards mastery in their Unit Reflections

Discipline Guidelines

We will follow the code of student conduct in your handbook.  We have high expectations for each student to be:

  • Prompt - In your seat and working on the warm-up activity when the tardy bell rings.
  • Prepared - Come to class with all necessary supplies (including agenda binder) and any assigned work.
  • Productive - Students are engaged and participating.
  • Positive - Expecting and striving for success for themselves and others.
  • Polite - respect for staff, other students, self, and property.


A great deal of your grade will be based on the amount and the quality of your efforts in the process of reading and writing.  Please use your class time wisely and have your assignments completed on time. The breakdown of grades is as follows:

  • 50% - Daily (daily work, journals, quizzes, etc.)
  • 50% - Tests (embedded assessments, tests, etc.)

Late Work

Assignments are due on time. 10 points will be deducted each day past a given due date, and late work will not be accepted beyond 3 days late.