BMS 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year

The BMS teacher of the year demonstrates spirit, pride and honor daily, as well as prioritizes building relationships with students, not only in their classroom, but across the school campus. They are one of the kindest and hardest-working teachers you will meet. They meet each student where they are, hold students accountable, and are always reaching out to people across campus to better themselves as an educator and improve the teaching craft. Not only does this teacher care deeply about their students, but they also demonstrate empathy with colleagues and always strive to check in with colleagues to see how they are doing.

Our teacher of the year is gifted when it comes to building relationships with students, and they are engaged in learning because they know that this teacher cares about them and that has their best interest at heart. Whether it be the lesson of the day or a necessary life skill, the passion for teaching is apparent. This teacher always goes above and beyond to help students understand and grasp difficult concepts. They have a special way of relating to each student which allows for presenting and teaching concepts in a manner each one will understand. More importantly, students are never allowed to become discouraged or give up, and this teacher works hard to create dynamic and creative learning environments for students to make real world connections. Finally, our teacher of the year has the most creative and fun spirit outfits on dress-up days.

Congratulations to Jeremy Miller, the BMS teacher of the year.