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Principal's Message

February Principal’s Message

During the month of January, our students at BMS participated in several service oriented activities as well as learned about Holocaust Remembrance Week.  On the Day of Service, our students celebrated MLK day by writing letters of appreciation to our First Responders, Healthcare Workers, and Educators. Several students also participated in service projects across campus such as fixing bulletin boards and painting cabinets. We are proud of our students for the Spirit, Pride, and Honor our students continuously demonstrate across campus.


Throughout Holocaust Remembrance Week, students had the opportunity to view an exhibit in the library provided by the Nancy and David Wolff Holocaust & Humanity Center, watch videos and read articles educating them about the Holocaust as well as current issues, and create butterflies representing the children that died during the Holocaust. Finally, teachers connected the learning to Spirit, Pride, and Honor by encouraging students to become "upstanders" when witnessing hate, bullying or injustice on our campus rather than being "bystanders."


Testing season is upon us! During the next couple of months, teachers will be preparing our students for the state assessments, STAAR tests, they will be taking this spring. By the year 2023, all students will be required to take their STAAR tests on the online platform rather than using paper tests. To assist with this ultimate transition, students will be taking their practice STAAR benchmarks in February and March this spring on the online STAAR platform so they begin to learn the tools and strategies of online testing. Seventh grade students will be taking their writing benchmark this week through their ELA classes. On March 4th and 5th, all students will be practicing the math and reading STAAR tests. Eighth grade science and social studies will take the practice STAAR during the week of March 8-12 during their class periods.