Updated Schedule Process

There are many things to consider as a master schedule is created and students are placed into classes at the middle school level. It is impossible to honor every request because classes fill up or won't fit with the other classes in a students' schedule. The schedule that was viewed last week is not the guaranteed schedule as we must be responsive to class sizes and often must make changes accordingly. A few reminders about schedules as we finalize schedules in preparation for school:

  • Please review schedules in Skyward one more time - changes continued to be made over the weekend as we have honored schedule change requests and continually worked to level classes. The deadline to complete the schedule request change form is Monday, August 14th at 11:00 p.m. The form will close on Tuesday morning so final schedules can be printed before Wednesday. Schedule Change Request Form We will be placing student office aides in periods on Monday afternoon.
  • Final schedules - First periods for students will be posted when they arrive at school on Wednesday. Students will receive a printed copy of their schedule in first period and will need to show that schedule every period so teachers can verify the classes.
  • Schedule Changes - Students may not request changes to their electives or courses after the first day of school. There were two opportunities to review schedules (last spring and last week) and we will need to cut off schedule changes once school starts. Please make sure your student has reviewed their schedule on Monday to check for changes. There is not a guarantee that a request can be honored.
  • Schedules for new students - Schedules for our new to BMS students may not be finalized until Friday, August 18th, as we continue to receive records and academic information from previous schools.
  • Administrative Schedule Changes - Administrators and/or counselors may need to change a schedule sometime during the year for an academic reason to support students, to level classes and/or manage the dynamics of a classroom.