Burnet Middle School

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BMS Educator of the Year

Burnet Middle School is proud to announce Gina Kiser as our 2018-2019 Educator of the year.  Gina teaches 7th grade ELA which prepares for 2 STAAR tests (Reading and Writing) in the same amount of time that most prepare for one.  She knows her students and can adjust her teaching to suit their needs.  Her enthusiasm for writing is contagious and she can motivate the most reluctant writer to write.  Somehow she finds time to grade essays, grammar packets, and projects all while supporting her sons in their athletic adventures.  She has driven several hours to watch one of her two college athletes compete in a game only to return the next day to be here to teach….then to cheer on her third child in a high school game.  She is honest dependable and is a true role model to us all.