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Mrs. Thiele's ELA

Welcome to the 6th Grade ELA!
This class is a continuation of communication in students’ first/new language, with further reading, listening, writing and speaking development. The formal skills of writing, reading, vocabulary and grammar will progress along the lines of interesting contexts, everyday situations, and a variety of material. This course allows students to review, learn and apply academic knowledge and skills to a variety of interesting and relevant activities and settings.
Throughout this school year we will focus on building foundations for Reading and Writing process, will analyze Fiction, Poetry, Informational, and Argumentative texts. We will analyze texts across genres, and will work on research project closer to the end of the school year.
Students will use their notebook for new materials. All educational videos and Anchor Charts are posted on the day of a new material on their Google Classroom page.



About Mrs. Thiele:
This is my first year teaching at Burnet CISD, and I am extremely excited to meet all students! 
Previously, I've been teaching 6th Grade ELA and Writing in Florida. My background includes Masters in Teaching English and German as second languages, and i hold ESOL K-12 Diploma. 
I've graduated the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia in 2009, and hold Florida and Texas professional certifications:
Texas English as a Second Language Grades (EC-12)
Texas English Language Arts and Reading with STR Grades (4-8)
Texas English Language Arts and Reading Grades (7-12)
Texas Languages Other Than English - German Grades (EC-12)
Florida English for Speakers of Other Languages Grades (K-12)
I love being outdoors, sports (swimming, kayaking), hiking, travelling, and meeting with friends and family. My husband is a High School teacher, and we are proud owners of four cats and a dog!
1st Period- 8:00-8:52
2nd Period- 8:57-9:49 (Honors)
Homeroom- 9:54-10:25
3rd Period- 9:54-10:25
4th Period- 11:27-12:19
B Lunch: 12:19-12:49
5th Period- Conference  12:54-1:46
6th Period- 1:51-2:43
7th Period: 2:48- 3:40